Hello, Sprout Social

Thanks for taking a look; here are a few project highlights (below) for your perusal.

If you haven’t heard already, I’ve been keeping my eye on Sprout Social for a little while now, and the promise of the Associate Creative Director (Design & Motion, especially) position ticks several boxes for me: motion design, strong graphics, the opportunity to lead and be led, collaborative spirit, snacks? Sounds perfect!

Beyond that, I love seeing how animation and graphics can engage audiences and solve client problems, and relish in making the complex more approachable and understandable. And if you ask me, empathy is the single most important trait of a good designer, so it’s heartening and appealing to see it featured so strongly in Sprout’s mission and approach. Here’s hoping I can be a part of it -looking forward to hearing from you…


Projects That May Interest You

Rebrand: True Office Learning REBRAND: True Office Learning

In addition to directing our in-house designers and a some contracted help, I’m pleased to say our company’s new brand involves plenty of custom illustrations by yours truly. I’ve added a few samples here to demonstrate the breadth of the visual work done, and how we’re leaning heavily on motion to tell the software products’ stories, but click through to see the brand’s full scope and some insight into the process:

Graphics by Your Truly


Motion I Directed

Some Motion by me

Rebrand: True Office Learning SUB-BRAND: NYSE Governance Services

Previous to the work above, my company was part of the New York Sock Exchange and our software was offered as an added perk to listed companies. During this time, I led our in-house design team (working under NYSE’s Brand Director and in collaboration with our own Marketing Director) in the deployment of sub-branded collateral and campaigns in an effort to spice up compliance training. This phase honed my ability to operate within the umbrella NYSE playbook, or to know when we could carve out our own brand space.


Graphics by Your Truly

Motion I Directed

Some Motion By Me

Sample Collateral

More Reasons to Like Me More Reasons to Like Me

I cut my teeth Animating Ad Work


Back in my freelance days, I created various video content for about a year and a half at BBDO. From big-name clients to kind-of-weird internal/presentation stuff, the agency life demanded that my design/animation schooling turn into real AfterEffects results - fast.
Client interactions, tight timelines, and sudden creative pivots? Par for the course.

I Worked Through That #StartupLife

As an early member (and sole designer) of a software company, my first real branding project came to life while also undergoing trial by fire. It taught me a ton about managing stakeholders, working efficiently, and (crucially) how to make a brand that can be deployed with minimal fuss.
It gave the team the confidence to win business and investors.

I Love to Make good Graphics

It’s not weird to show people your wedding invites in a professional context, right? We all agree?
OK perfect - check out the (set of three) invites I obsessively put together for a taste of my illustration style when left to my own devices. But for this one, please don’t ask about whether the project went over budget…


That’s all I’ve cherry-picked! But if you’re itching for more: go the Aaron Makes Art homepage