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Thanks for taking a look; here are a few project highlights (below) for your perusal.

If you haven’t heard already,  the Graphic Design (Motion) position at GR taps into my favorite part of my skillset: motion graphics. I love seeing how animation and graphics can engage audiences, clarify complex concepts, and add character to any message.

And if you ask me, empathy is the single most important trait of a good designer, so it’s heartening and appealing to see the clear success of a customer experience-focused company like Guaranteed Rate. Who doesn’t want to be a part of a team that actually (to use your own language) gives a sh!t??


Projects That May Interest You

Rebrand: True Office Learning REBRAND: True Office Learning

In rethinking our brand, I not only guided the new look and feel but also created all of our custom illustrations.

I’ve added a few samples here to demonstrate the breadth of the visual work done, and how we’re leaning heavily on motion to tell the software products’ stories, but click through to see the brand’s full scope and some insight into the process:

Graphics by Your Truly


Motion I Directed

Some Motion by me

Rebrand: True Office Learning SUB-BRAND: NYSE Governance Services

Previous to the work above, our company was part of the New York Stock Exchange. During this time, I led our in-house design team (working under NYSE’s Brand Director and in collaboration with our own Marketing Director) to spice up compliance training.

In a move that boosted engagement and awareness, we used animation to draw more eyes to our social media posts and website. More if you click:


Graphics by Your Truly

Motion I Directed

Some Motion By Me

More Reasons to Consider Me More Reasons to Consider Me

I Love to Make good Graphics

Though this is not a professional project by any means, take a look at the (set of three) invites I put together; it’ll give a good sense of my typography and sensibilities.
Despite a touch of obsessing and overspending, this is still one of my favorite projects.

I used motion to help Fund our Startup

As sole designer for a software company, my early career taught me a ton about managing stakeholders, working efficiently, and how to tell a good story with “explainer” videos. These contributed to the team’s ability to win investors and new business.

I got my start in Animation


Back in my freelance days, I created various video content for BBDO. From big-name clients to kind-of-weird internal/presentation stuff, an agency environment demanded that my design/animation education turn into AfterEffects results - fast.


That’s all for the hand-selected work, but do feel free to dig through the Aaron Makes Art homepage for more. Thanks for visiting!