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Thanks for taking a look; here are a few project highlights (below) for your perusal.

If you ask me, good design can help solve any problem – and finding the right solution always feels great. But the process of fully understanding the problem is just as rewarding for me: the challenges inherent in understanding your users, supporting a business, and clearly presenting solutions are always surprising.

Your mission to work with tenacity, humility, empowerment, integrity, and pragmatism sounds right up my street. I believe that given the chance I’ll be a valuable Nerd, since I’m always seeking new challenges and trying to do better work.

I hope to talk with you soon!


Projects That May Interest You

Customer Journey: Standard Life CUSTOMER JOURNEY: Standard Life

in 2015, the UK citizens were subjected to a massive overhaul of their tax system, which had particularly large effects on those nearing retirement. Our client decided to get ahead of this change, so we hunkered down with their dozens of SMEs in a series of multi-day meetings in Edinburgh until:

  • we’d gotten our heads around the new regulations

  • found the best way to explain it to a layman

  • allowed users to choose the right kind of retirement plan for them, and…

  • then set up their actual retirement on standardlife.co.uk

This became the Retirement Calculator, and I’m sincerely proud to say it helped over 50,000 people make and act on an informed financial choice for their future. (Plus it saved SL millions and won a bunch of awards, which is neat.)


Rebrand: True Office Learning REBRAND: True Office Learning

In addition to directing our in-house designers and a some contracted help, I’m pleased to say our company’s new brand involves plenty of custom illustrations created by yours truly.

I’ve added a few samples here to demonstrate the breadth of the visual work done, and how we use motion to better tell the software products’ stories, but click through to see the brand’s full scope and some insight into the process:


Quiz Game: Pulse Check QUIZ GAME: Pulse Check

Our customers love our training software, but not all of them had robust research or data on what compliance issues to target in their company. So my colleague and I developed a fun software solution that compelled users to reveal their strengths and weaknesses on a particular topic, which the client could then use to inform their next training program.

We called it Pulse Check, and it not only succeeded in its data-gathering mission, but (crucially) exceeded expectations in fostering engagement and friendly competition amongst users: one player played 5 times in a day to get the High Score!


More Reasons to Consider Me More Reasons to Consider Me

Making Complex Info Digestible

While at the NYSE, our most ambitious internal project was to allow our clients to view, sort, and actually make sense of the piles of backend data gathered from their compliance training courses.
So we adapted our various types of reports and made them interactive and configurable in the Analytics Portal; which is now a cornerstone of our product suite.

seeking A Variety of Design Challenges


Ever played the board game “Settlers of Catan”? Sure, but have you ever played on a board that got slightly dampened, so will never again snap together flat? Well then you know the meaning of real pain my friend.
But what if you applied too many hours to redesign it for greater clarity and resilience? These are great questions; answers after the click.

Always Making Graphics

It’s not weird to show people your wedding invites in a professional context, right? We all agree?
OK perfect - in that case, check out the (set of three) invites I obsessively put together for a taste of my aesthetic and typographic sensibilities. Despite a touch of obsessing and overspending, this is still one of my favorite projects.


That’s all I’ve cherry-picked! But if you’re itching for more: go the Aaron Makes Art homepage