Hello, m1

Thanks for taking a look; here are a few project highlights (below) for your perusal.

If you haven’t heard already, I admire the mission to disambiguate and self-empower finance, and the M1 app is an impressive leap toward that goal.

Beyond that, I love seeing how graphics can engage audiences and clarify concepts, and relish making the complex more approachable and understandable. Tackling finance’s many barriers to entry will almost certainly entail new challenges, the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives, and plenty of avenues to expand my knowledge - sounds great!


Projects That May Interest You

Customer Journey: Standard Life CUSTOMER JOURNEY: Standard Life

In 2015, the UK undertook a massive overhaul of their tax system, which effected those nearing retirement. Our client decided to get ahead of this change, so we hunkered down with their dozens of SMEs in a series of multi-day workshops until:

  • we’d gotten our heads around the new regulations

  • found the best way to explain it to the layman

  • allowed users to choose the right kind of retirement plan for them, and then…

  • set up their actual retirement on standardlife.co.uk

This became the Retirement Calculator, and I’m sincerely proud that it (despite not being the most elegantly styled UI on the planet) helped over 50,000 people make and act on an informed financial choice for their future.
(Plus it saved SL millions and won a bunch of awards, which is always nice.)


Data Portal: NYSE Anlaytics DATA PORTAL: NYSE Analytics

While part of NYSE Governance Services, our most ambitious internal project was to allow our clients to view, sort, and make sense of the piles of backend data gathered from their compliance training courses. So we adapted our many types of reports and made them live and interactive; it has now become a cornerstone of our company’s software suite.

I directed the UI and collaborated on the UX for this exercise in making complex data sets clear, digestible, and filtered for clarity. We called it (simply) the Analytics Portal.


Graphics: True Office Learning rebrand GRAPHICS: True Office Learning rebrand

For a taste of my creative sensibilities writ large, take a look at our company’s new brand, which hinges on custom illustrations by yours truly.

I’ve added a few samples here to demonstrate the breadth of the visual work done, but click through to see the brand’s full scope and how we’re using motion to better tell the software products’ stories:

That’s all for the cherry-picking; I appreciate you taking a look. If you’d like to dig deeper, feel free to look through the Aaron Makes Art homepage.