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True Office Learning

Rebrand > Creative Direction & Illustration

In addition to directing our in-house designers and a some contracted help, I’m pleased to say our company’s new brand involves plenty of my own custom illustrations.

The samples here to demonstrate the breadth of the visual work done, and how we’re leaning heavily on motion to tell the software products’ stories, but click through to see the brand’s full scope and some insight into the process:


Product mascots

Select illustrations

Motion samples


Two user inputs start the journey

Sample informative moments in the journey

Standard Life Retirement Journey

Online Financial Tool > UX Consulting

In 2015, the UK citizens were subjected to a massive overhaul of their tax system, which had particularly large effects on those near retirement. To get ahead of this change, we hunkered down with dozens of SMEs until:

  • we’d gotten our heads around the new regulations

  • found the best way to explain it to a layman

  • allowed users to choose the right kind of retirement plan for them, and…

  • then set up their actual retirement on

This became the Retirement Calculator, and it helped over 50,000 people make and act on an informed financial choice for their future. (Plus it saved SL millions and won a bunch of awards, which is neat.)


Designing for Clarity

Aaron Hoffman is a Wisconsin-born, New York-trained, and now Chicago-based design director who has always enjoyed creating things and solving problems. He is dedicated to: making complex systems more approachable, breaking big concepts down to an understandable level, and creating the cleanest graphics possible.

Also important: drawing, painting, animation, various hand-made projects, motorcycling, branding, video game design, and (clearly) general creative eclecticism.



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