A New Vision for Corporate Training

Project: Interactive compliance training app

Company: True Office
Role: Creative Director/UI Designer

True Office set out to transform compliance training (or at least make it so trainees didn’t despise it as much) by upping the interactivity, immersion, and convenience of it.

This was accomplished by bringing courses onto the then-new iPad and dropping the user into an illustrated, fictionalized version of a compliance situation. Based on real cases and breaches, these scenes revolved around interviewing three characters close to the situation, and investigating the ultimate cause or culprit at the company.


Original App

The only catch? As cool and compelling as these courses were, they required a ton of production effort to create. Each course included three illustrated characters and locations for “interviews”, plus a host of clickable objects to “investigate.”

Skip to 2:15 to see our innovative (but ultimately too ambitious) original compliance training app in action.

Each app also included a commissioned “Splash Page” illustration to set the scene and draw users in. Here are a few I ended up doing personally:

2.0: “Adapt”

After about two years of very intense creation of assets, scripts, and illustrations, the whole True Office team got together and created a brand new version of our compliance training software with some drastic differences and notable improvements.
The software would work on any browser (not just iOS), be completely content-agnostic, and it would change difficulty based on how well the user was doing. We called it Adapt, and it quickly became the launchpad for True Office’s success and eventual acquisition by the New York Stock Exchange.