NYSE Pulse Check

New York Stock Exchange Governance Services
Role: Head of Design/UI Designer

My colleagues and I set out to shake up the sleepy compliance industry, so we developed this diagnostic game to engage users and better inform HR teams. Pulse Check effectively motivates users to compete for the arcade-style high score (seriously: users often played through multiple times!) in a 5 minute compliance “quiz,” comprised of three rounds of mini-games. Meanwhile, the back end tracks user answers and collates them into an analytics portal so the company can cater their next training program to address specific blind spots.

a main icons.png

Final UI

The final look of this software had to walk the line between B2B expectations (which tend toward conservative, if not outdated, styling) and ensuring that users saw it as fun and inviting.


Pulse Check started with a strong idea, but was iterated first with “paper” mocks that were workshopped with some of our actual interested clients. I then created a set of designs that were updated and styled while the development team built a prototype version. Once the prototype and its features were well-received, I created a final design/asset set for our beta launch, including substantial documentation via JIRA tickets. This tight iteration process allowed for a fast launch and, pleasantly, some very positive feedback from users and clients.


Original sketches:

Beta designs:

Final button sheet: