Finding a Place In the NYSE Brand

Project: Governance Services Sub-Brand

Company: New York Stock Exchange Governance Services
Role: Head of Design

True Office was acquired by the New York Stock Exchange and folded into its Governance Services division, and our Adapt compliance training software (renamed to Pulse) became an offering for NYSE-listed companies. (I tend to think of this as True Office part 2.) I was tasked with creating a sub-brand for Governance Services that not only respected and reflected NYSE’s brand guidelines and also carried some of True Office’s “not your average compliance” vibe.


Final Output: Brand in Use

Marketing Videos

While I directed all of our video content and often designed individual frames and graphics, tons of credit here is due to Nick Sampson, our dedicated then-Motion Designer.


Everything you see below was created by our crack team of in-house designers under my direction.

Social Media

These proved very popular: engagement on our animated posts was 3x higher than our static content; the effect was particularly strong on LinkedIn.




Brand Components

Icon Set

Color Palette

NYSE is very blue-focused, so restraint was the name of the game here. We were given some flexibility though, so the secondary NYSE blue (this vibrant aqua you see here) became the primary blue for NYSEGS materials. The other colors and general weights were unchanged from NYSE… stock colors (heh heh).


Brand Guide


One of my responsibilities was the creation and maintenance of a dedicated “NYSEGS” (sub-)brand guide. Fortunately, the NYSE brand team had a strong foundation and set of guidelines upon which I could expand. I also included a section on GS-specific brand values, and showed wider example uses of graphics/icons to help position our unique product offerings.