Adventures in Freelance Advertising

Project: Various

Client: The Kitchen at BBDO
Role: Animator + Motion Graphic Artist

While getting my bearings in New York, I was fortunate (and lucky!) enough to get brought into a burgeoning slice of BBDO NY that was focused on in-house broadcasting and video production: “The Kitchen”. We initially created some experimental animation demos just to show what could be done in a day or two (see the last video in this set), but I soon shifted into the in-house video production team, serving clients like FedEx, Esso, the Ad Council, and plenty of internal work for BBDO itself.

R.I.P. The Kitchen! Also, R.I.P. my old computer’s hard drive, which took lots of files with it when it died (hence the short, tiny clips you see here).

Actual footage of how I arrived in NYC.

Actual footage of how I arrived in NYC.

A smattering of clips