NYSEGS analytics portal

New York Stock Exchange Governance Services
Role: Head of Design

The Analytics Portal allows clients to monitor progress, completion, and answer choices from their training courses on a live dashboard. It also supports configurable reports via PDF export, and filtering based on user-supplied HR data. (This is especially notable, since our CTO found a way for this sensitive data to display for the user without ever touching NYSE servers or compromising security/visibility.)

The streamlined navigation and experience contributed to a shortest-yet testing phase at True Office/NYSE GS and multiple clients volunteering to test as part of the beta release. It quickly became a key differentiator in the compliance industry - most competitors could only offer hard file reporting at the time.


Released Build & Final Designs

Process: Initial ConceptS

The first set of work that our in-house designers, Danny Silva and Jason Cardarelli, were tasked with was to simply improve the way clients were able to download a data report from their training course (first image). Fortunately, conversations between the executive team and the design team led to a more ambitious approach of taking the reporting live and online. The core question quickly shifted from “how can we get client users a nice report” to “how can we bring the report data to life?”


Process: Alpha

This step involved tackling a layer of complexity we knew we would need, but were unsure of how to solve just yet: data comparison. The default setting of the analytics portal would clearly show performance results for your entire user group, but we also needed to allow clients to dig deeper – how does a particular segment of the company stack up against the overall average? How about the team in one city versus another? Did Marketing get through the course more easily than Accounting?

And so a dedicated ‘Compare Mode’ was born. You’ll see here that it began life as a fairly large and complex module on the right side of the screen. We soon found ways to streamline this for the Beta though…


Process: Beta

Anonymous recorded user testing sessions, based on clickable version of (a fuller set) the black and white designs like the above revealed that the designers were on the right track. The rest of the cycles were spent reducing the number of pages to a minimum, ensuring clear nav, and refining the Filtering/Compare features in the sidebar. Then it clicked: Compare Mode was just a fancy way to use the filters! So the designers developed a way to merge the Filter and Compare functions, all based on arranging filter “tags” in the left sidebar.

Besides giving feedback on all of those matters, I also created the site map in order to capture the full complexity of the data that could come in and out of this tool, and the pages needed. This freed Danny and Jason up to focus on the layout and eventual styling of the pages for maximum clarity.