Custom Settlers of Catan board


“Settlers of Catan” is not just a great way to start fights with your friends; it’s also a great strategic game that can easily consume an entire evening.

But my boo and I went way beyond an evening on this one: we spent several weeks (and far more money than expected) creating our own sturdier, sexier version of the popular and involved tabletop game. She laser cut the plexiglass board, hexagonal Island Tiles, and chips; I got newly designed decks printed for the Resources and Development Cards; we teamed up to paint the hexagon tiles and placards; and we both hand cut and painted the Settlements, Cities, and Roads.

Features of note:

  • flat play surface, including number chips that sit flush in each Island Tile

  • perfectly interlocking plexiglass “ocean” has visible pattern (to keep the trading/dock areas in the correct order)

  • handmade black-on-black Robber piece

  • giant poker-style placards for Longest Road and Largest Army (no hiding those Victory Points!)

  • simplified graphics and clearer use of color throughout


Final Result


The Design