Customized NERF


In a fit of age-inappropriate passion I acquired, sanded, disassembled, and repainted a NERF Strongarm blaster. For yucks, really. Also, the design team and I were having fun having the occasional after hours NERF battle around the office bullpen...until we were asked to please not NERF in the office.

Alas, it's still good for: looking neat, killing perched mosquitos, and… making a noise that will scare a cat? OK, mostly it looks neat.

I have to say, it was very fun and meditative to sand and resurface all that soft plastic! Oh, and I love spray painting things. Features of note:

  • removed all NERF branding and some extraneous nubs and surface details

  • fell in love with automotive spray paint (the gunmetal grey color is a beautiful, durable finish)

  • replaced the non-suction darts with some 3rd party black/orange numbers

  • added Plasti-Dip spray along the dremel’d pattern grip grip and the dart barrel, for extra grabbability

  • added distressed effects using silver/gold paint markers to cover paint mistakes (highly recommended!)

  • added insulation to inside in order to muffle noise when firing (but it had minimal or no effect)


Final Result